We offer the highest quality services. Our shop is equipped with ultramodern high-tech equipment such as:

  • Super Rotax by Globaljig (which features a universal jig system for all makes of cars)
  • Car-O-Liner is an optimized platform capable of handling light cosmetic damage to heavy structural repairs.
  • Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 provides, simple, step-by-step instructions on h ow the anchoring, holding and fixtures parts are built up (no trial by error), thereby saving valuable time. As the work progresses, the system displays the alignment results. These results can be saved and filled once the job has been completed. You can be sure that Vision X3 keeps an eye on the job at all times.
  • 2 full down draft paint spray booths. This includes our newly installed USI Italia Chronotech booth which is designed for today’s advanced water-based and high solid paints, such as those required by the Mercedes-Benz service equipment program.
  • A continuous training program for all employees.

Also, for your convenience we offer:

  • A direct link for car rentals.
  • A shuttle service for customers who need a ride home.

You've made the Smart Choice... by choosing a Glasurit® shop!

The Glasurit brand has long been considered a worldwide standard for excellence - Glasurit continues to deliver the quality demanded by leading collision repair centers and their customers. 90-Line waterborne is the most advanced paint technology available - not only it is enviromentally friendly, but it is also healthier for the workplace. There is no doubt that 90-Line is the best refinish choice available, and will help to keep your repaired vehicle looking as good as new.

Our facility's USI Italia Chronotech booth. This cutting edge spray booth is trusted by leading body shops all over the world.

An Audi RS4 that was returned to its original factory specs in our shop.

A high-performance Roush Mustang that required some work. Very Cool!